After years and years of getting questioned on our originality, we are now in a position where we can be completely transparent about where we make our well-loved shoes. We are going to be perfectly honest about how the goodness in a pair of shoes from us could reach you without ripping your wallet.

There has not been an easy day on our side of the story but we are still determined keep things truly high-valued for you. 


'Are you a China company?'

No. Pamojo is a Vietnam-based company. We are a group of enthusiasts from Vietnam who carried out and gain a great deal of know-how from multiple footwear retailing projects. Some have succeeded and some have been liquidated but what we consider our permanent assets to continue our business is all the feedback we have obtained from the start till now. With cross-border e-commerce experience and expertise in developing comfortable footwear, we are now confident to go all-in for Pamojo - a venue for shoes with next-level comfort.

We are aware of both gains and drawbacks of us disclosing our originality and the complex reception of our diverse audience due to the presence of prevailing impressions of purchases from China and Vietnam, and also possible comparisons between them. Yet we decided to prioritize being completely honest and base our business on a real and truthful fundamental basis. We believe that sustainable businesses would only differ in starting points but are all similar in terms of keeping whatever we do customer-centric.


'Where are they made?'

Our products are mostly made in Vietnam. A small fraction of our products are assembled and quality-checked in China due to specific material resources being endowed in China. We are directly responsible for monitoring the whole rigorous process to make sure that even when we outsource labor-intensive parts of production to minimize transport costs, we are able to pass on the most savings to our customers possible with the highest quality assured.


'Where are they shipped from?'

Our shoes are directly shipped from our warehouses in our production plants, in Vietnam and China (nearly 95% of our stocks are in Vietnam). We strive to deliver the shoes right at your doorstep by working closely with our courier partners within a relatively short period of time. For more details on shipping time and mode, please refer to our shipping terms here.

We do have affiliates to increase the outreach of our presence and the contents we created but we are in full control of fulfillments of your orders. Should you encounter any issue with product's information, quality, exchange, replacement and refund or should you have any comments for us to grow as a brand, we are responsible and more than happy to provide you with our timely assistance.



Pamojo, as a burgeoning young brand and as enthusiastic listeners, are expected and willing to put our heart into keeping your shopping secure and just simply awesome. We vow to see our business as dearly as the way you would expect a loyal friend to care for you.
Let us together make Pamojo a place filled with goodness, trust and love for one another.



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