The comfortable and stylish footwear for modern women

We are a brand born of women, dedicated to serving women. We share your ambitions, challenges and values. It’s the heart, soul, passion and purpose that drives us. Always.

We are PAMOJO  

Based in Viet Nam, we are a team of pioneering women in footwear development. Years witnessing our moms, aunties, and ourselves struggling between the formal fashionable heels and the casual comfy flats, we decided to solve the problem. Upon researching and testing different ZESPIK Steel-Toe Shoes with 24/7 Comfort Technology for Working Men, we want to capture the opportunities to bring this awesome tech into our women shoes, with an ambition to empower every single girl and woman to pursue their dreams, effortlessly.

The cushioned arch support that improves sweat absorption for Zespik® Alpha

Our original idea is just that simple. But it is you who make it alive and meaningful.

We Walk The talk

With the strength of cheap and diverse product materials in Viet Nam (where factories of renown brands are located such as Adidas, Puma, Lacoste, etc.), we promise to blend the best of quality, and innovation to create transformative products to put a smile on your face all day.

Your pains are our pains. Making your day is making our day. It’s our job to give you more than just a product.

PAMOJO always places you at heart, and every step of the way, you’ve helped us make the most versatile shoes in the world. Wherever you go, we promise to take you there in style and comfort.

We deliver you the best flexible footwear

PAMOJO bestsellers are semi-formal footwears that merge ultimate comfort and youthful style with our SUPERSOFT technology. 

Your new modern comfort zone from home to work. PAMOJO offers the most flexible and affordable shoes in the world to let you achieve effortless style and ultimate comfort.